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Post by Ripped on Sat Apr 01, 2017 8:41 pm

Here are the basic principles for the entire site; our main code of conduct which must be followed at all times. If you stick to these rules, you are good to go!

-Always try to be nice to other members. Even if you can't stand them, picking petty fights will just irritate everyone further.
-Swearing is allowed, but remember to keep it tasteful; avoid swearing every other word & try to make sure it fits the mood of the topic.
-While more mature themes are welcome, explicit sexual scenes are not allowed.
-Refrain from spamming- it's pointless, irritating, and wastes other peoples time.
-Do not double post (twice in a row) for any reason. Either edit your post or PM people you are waiting for.
-Only one account per user- while you are allowed to have multiple characters, having two accounts under one IP address will result in a permanent ban.
-You may have two characters!
-Only roleplay as your approved characters.
-No double posting in Roleplaying topics.

under construction- more coming soon.


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