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Post by Seer on Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:30 pm

RP guidelines, must read before posting in any in-character thread. Replies not following these rules may be ignored by other RPers and will be deleted if requested by the Threat Starter.

-All posts must be longer than two sentences; this helps add detail and flow to every topic, while also giving others more to go off of. Any post that is shorter than two sentences will be regarded as spam and will need to be edited.

-All in-character replies should be paragraph-format. Following textbook grammar rules isn't necessary; there are always exceptions for stylistic effect and individuality, but your writing needs to at least be easy to understand for everyone reading it. On this note, all in-character posts should be in past tense and third person: you are writing a character, not yourself.

-Don't reply back and forth with only one person in public threads -- give everyone else a chance to post too, they might have good ideas. For heavy character-building or focused RP, start a private RP with the relevant people in the appropriate section.

-If you have a problem with another user, PM them to talk it out. Personal disagreements shouldn't bleed over into RP, and if a moderator has to step in, both of your characters will be shut out from that thread at the very least.

-Formal, admin-approved threads will have an out-of character thread to match them; any out-of character discussion up to and including plotting minor storylines should take place in these (With the exception of things that will be a surprise to others. It's fine to keep secrets, but if it's not been publicly discussed and/or screenshots of the plotting posted, you can't complain if it doesn't go exactly your way. Godmodding will not be tolerated even within these bounds.)

-If a post is marked as 'Closed' do not post unless you are a part of that specific post. If interested in joining that post, PM the creator as ask permission. Posts marked as 'Open' are free for anyone to post in.

more to come soon if needed.

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