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Post by Seer on Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:14 pm

Official Character Timeline

Here you will find the official timeline for your characters- it will help you gauge how much time passes during your time on the site and how old they must be to retain certain titles.The main exception to this timeline will be Site-Wide plots; during Site-Wide plots, your character will remain the same age throughout the entirety of the plot as to not confuse anyone.

-All characters will start out at the age of 17; meaning they are still purely human & unaware of their impending change. Your character will stay the age of 17 for One Week.

-After you have officially been on the site for one week, your character will turn 18; meaning that they will experience their first their first change and gain the rank of Juvenile. Your character will stay the age of 18 for One Month.

-After you have successfully been active on the site for one month, your character will be will be 20 years old; meaning that they have officially undergone successful training and will be eligible to move up to their official rank within the pack. They will then work on their respective rank requirements.

-Characters intending to become Betas and Deltas must be at least 20 years of age.

-Characters can only officially become 'Alpha' of the pack after reaching the age of 21.Until they reach the actual age of 21, they can merely hold the title and are intended to learn from their predecessors. Only in very, very rare situations will an Alpha be allowed to actually rule before the age of 21, and Beta and Deltas will step in to help the young Alpha rule in that situation.

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