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Post by Greyheart3 on Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:13 pm

Name: Chantelle Griffin
Human Appearance:
Chantelle Griffin C0xgoFI
Light brown some-what curly hair that's usually very shaggy and hardly brushed, it's frizzy looking regardless of it being brushed or not. 5"2 and 115 lbs, can pack quite a punch for being so short and can really take some hits. Wears the same polar bear jacket and Gryffindor scarf everyday and pants about 50% of the time, shirt is almost different but no one can tell due to the infrequency of her pulling the jacket off. Really obvious cheekbones and defiantly not the prettiest. Has a light splatter of freckles across nose and oddly positioned moles, one being on the pinkie finger. The incisors(K-9's or whatever) are pointed and one on the bottom is out of place, making it connect with the top k-9 and causing lots of pain from constant biting that she can't help. She isn't really an offensive player but a very strong defensive, she takes the hits and hardly flinches, brushing it off and jumping back into the fray as fast as she could.

Wolf-form Appearance:
Personality: Constantly out there and ready to do her thing, she's perfectly happy with leading and following. She makes a lot of puns, cusses a lot and makes a ton of repetitive dad-jokes and loves to impress people. Though she is light-hearted she carries a lot of weight and expectations on her shoulders, she is much more mature than others think and is rarely angered(Though her anger is one to watch out for if it ever comes to it). When irritated she goes straight to sarcasm and really strikes where it hurts, she isn't the most articulate speaker and will sputter, pause, switch words, go off the point she is trying to make and whatever she will try to say with most likely be lost on deaf ears. She's an arachnophobe and has a dislike for heights, and is super petrified of death. She has a love for archery and shooting things and will be quite morbid at times. Though she can take hits and be up in a moments notice, she's a big softy at heart. She hates it when people get angry or disappointed and will break out in tears if someone were to yell at her.
Age: 17
Desired Rank: Guard.
Pack Relationships: Open to girls and maybe men if she trusts them enough. Open to all friendships, but will be very wary with those 2+ years older.


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Chantelle Griffin Empty Re: Chantelle Griffin

Post by Seer on Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:20 pm


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