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Baal Abaddon

Post by Ink on Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:07 pm

Name: Baal Abaddon

Human Appearance: Baal is a boy with pale skin and unusual white hair that could easily be thought to be an albino if it wasn’t for his amber eyes (According to him his hair wasn’t always white, but started to change at a very young age for some reason. Whether this is real or not, it is unknown). He’s also barely average on height. He loves to wear baggy and comfortable clothes all the time, which make him look a bit chubby when he really isn’t. He always wears his favorite black hoddie.


Wolf-form Appearance: He’s a white wolf with darker spots around his eyes, back and hind paws. His eyes retain the same amber color that he has in his human form. His fangs are slightly bigger than average, but this is only noticeable if he bares them at you.

Closest I could find:

Personality: Baal can be described as the lazy one of the pack, often sleeping at work and avoiding his duties unless he has no other choice but that of complying with them, and at times he can even be considered as somewhat of a glutton, eating even when he isn’t hungry just because he loves that specific food and he managed to get his hands on it. Taking this in consideration, it is quite surprising how fast he can get to wherever he wants to go, to the point of sometimes arriving several minutes earlier than any other pack member even if he was the very last one lo leave. His secret being how well he knows the whole place, having thousands of secret shortcuts to get anywhere. Unluckily he isn’t the kind of boy that shares his secrets, not even with the Alpha himself.

He rarely takes his companions seriously, cracking jokes and telling terrible puns whenever he has the chance just to either make laugh or annoy the ones around him. He also tends to use this tactic as a mean of distraction to get away before they can give him any chores to do, and it proves surprisingly efficient.

He’s surprisingly smart, being able to solve problems in second when others need to circle around it for days to even get an idea of what the first step should be. However, he once again tends to keep this info for himself unless someone asks to him directly about the subject, though he only answers if he respects the ones asking or if he’s feeling like helping otherwise. Being extremely observant and having a blessed memory, hiding info from him is near to impossible, and can know if you’re lying, not telling the full truth or your feeling with just a quick glance.

To top his troublesome attitude, he isn’t someone you can boss around without a care like other packs members, and even the Alpha has been forced to deal with this side of his personality a couple times before while he earned the younger werewolf’s respect. He doesn’t takes threats or bossy attitudes kindly, and if fed up he won’t hesitate to threaten subtly even those in his own pack, and believe me, this is a wolf that barks AND bites.

Most pack members tend to not take him seriously at first, considering him weak and unable to fight given his lazy attitude. However, more often than not this will come to bite them in their tails, literally speaking, when they face him in battle, as he had proven to be quite a skilled and agile fighter to the surprise of everyone in the pack. During fights, he once again rarely takes things seriously, as just a couple bites is enough to deliver clear messages, but if angered things can take a turn for the worse, as he becomes quite ruthless and even once they had to stop him from going for the kill against a fellow juvenile that managed to get on his nerves on the worst way possible.

On the other side though, he can be quite kind and polite if you get on his good side and/or earn his resect, and though he is still troublesome take for sure that he would always be there to support and protect you if you ever need him. Be warned though, if you get especially close to him he can become somewhat possessive of you. Yeah, he won’t go to the extreme of not letting you build relationships with others besides him (He still needs to approve of them though…), but it can still be somewhat troublesome to have him following you around all the time, and given how stealthy he is you may not even notice most of the time.

On a more inside the pack note, he likes to be around Chantelle just for the pun wars they can have at times. Somehow Noah managed to get on his good side as well, and tends to respond to him fairly well and even help him during his tasks, which is quite rare for the lazy werewolf. Unluckily enough, though, he takes Caine as a joke thanks to his way of acting, and is more willing to annoy and cause him trouble than he is to help him. It is clear that the future alpha is waaaay far from earning his respect at all and will have a hell of a time trying to get him to obey even the smallest of his commands.

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Re: Baal Abaddon

Post by Seer on Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:14 pm

Approved! Welcome

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